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5 Peasy Approved Business Podcasts to Improve Your Daily Commute

The morning show crew and sports radio analysts have their place but, in today’s media landscape, consumers are using their commute as another opportunity to grow and learn. To, make your commute time less stressful and more intellectually stimulating try out these five Peasy-approved podcasts designed to motivate business professionals of any kind.

  1. How I Built This – Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, this podcast will inspire you to push your limits, take risks and rethink the way you approach your job. Interviewing the founders of some the most noteworthy brands in the world, host, Guy Raz, unravels the ambitions, challenges and tipping points that make a brand possible.
  2. GirlBoss – Sophia Amoruso hosts this massively popular show, which interviews women who have challenged the status quo to make their mark on the world. Each interview extracts lessons and moments that women can use to write their own history.
  3. The Tim Ferriss Show – Widely considered to be the top business podcast, Tim Ferriss welcomes some of the world’s most innovative business people to his studio. He digs deep to find the defining attributes that differentiate these effective people and make them magnets to success.
  4. Business Wars – Industry titans are constantly brawling for market share, innovation and technology. This podcast tells the stories behind the biggest brands and their battles to be number one. From Netflix vs. HBO to Nike vs. Adidas, each bite-size episode exposes unauthorized, real history.
  5. This Week in Startups – Each week, the host brings in a panel of experts who spotlight some the most interesting and outrageous news in entrepreneurship. Stay on the cutting edge with the latest news from Silicon Valley and beyond.

All of these podcasts are available via iTunes and wherever else you listen. Peasy has all your tolling needs covered so your commute can be worry-free. So, keep your eyes on the road and your ears on these great podcasts. Skip the fines. Drive in the fast lane every time when you set up your Peasy account.