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5 Time-Saving Driving Hacks to “Peasy-fy” Your Life

On average, Americans spend at least one hour behind the wheel every day. Commuting to and from work, picking up groceries from the store, carpooling to soccer practice… With so much time on the road, convenience is a top priority. Here are a few ways that you can hack your daily commutes to be more productive and worry-free.

  1. Drop a pin when you park – Don’t spend time walking the rows of a public parking lot trying to find your car. Drop a pin in your phone’s mapping app by holding your finger down on your current location before you leave the car.
  2. Order groceries online and never leave your car – Many grocery stores allow you to pre-purchase your groceries. In fact, some will bring the bags out to your car. Save yourself some time and save your wallet the temptation of impulse purchases.
  3. Use voice-to-text apps to take notes – Driving is a time when your mind can be very active. Use a voice-to-text app to capture notes and ideas that come to you as you cruise through your daily commute.
  4. Swap music for an audiobook – It doesn’t have to be every drive, but when you spend more than ten minutes in the car, you have plenty of time to learn and grow with an audiobook. Whether it is a book about business practices or an engrossing piece of fiction, you’ll find your time in the car to feel much more fulfilling.
  5. Toll worry-free with Peasy – Cashless toll roads get you where you are going faster and can make peak traffic hours a breeze. Peasy puts you in in the fast lane every time and helps you avoid fines. Go cash-free and headache-free when you set up your account. You can put multiple cars on one account to keep all of your vehicles managed in one place.