How does Peasy work?

It’s so easy.

Peasy makes forgetting about tolls as easy as 1, 2…and there is no 3! With a multi-state, pay-as-you-go tolling service, you’ll never have to stress about pre-funding a toll account, getting hit with unexpected penalties or fines, or having to pay tolls by mail. That’s why Peasy is cash-free and headache-free. It will even work alongside your existing transponder. We can’t do anything about the bugs on your windshield. But, we’re always improving so you never know.

Easy is Our Thing

Snap a photo of your license plate. Add your credit card. You’re good to go.

Go Here to There

With Peasy, you’ll be able to drive through cashless toll lanes and over bridges at home or on your next road trip.*


No Slowing You Down

No need to worry about stopping to pay tolls or paying later. Skip the cash lane, go to the fast lane. We will capture your tolls and charge your card.


Peasy E

* Some exclusions apply. View the Peasy coverage map for details.

Roll with a Smarter Toll Solution

Yes, It’s that Easy

Counting cash, pre-loading toll accounts and swapping transponders, that’s so yesterday. Peasy is simplifying the tolling process to keep you rolling faster and easier all over the country.


Keep Rolling, Across the Country

Cross state lines without a care. Peasy offers coverage in multiple states.* Road trips are now worry-free.


Hello, Carefree Tolling

Burned by violations in the past? When you subscribe to Peasy, your toll fees are paid as-you-go using your billing information. Put the hassle of sorting through mail to find toll bills in your rear view mirror. You’re good to go.


See Peasy in Action

Features & Benefits

No new hardware.

Keep your existing transponder or no transponder at all. Either way, you’ll be covered.

Easy to manage.

Pay-as-you-go tolling in a single account for easy management of multiple vehicles and finally an easy way to expense your tolls.

Go there too.

Tolling coverage in multiple states* means no penalties or fines. Nice!

*Some exclusions apply. View the Peasy coverage map for details.

Save $10 - Limited-time Offer**

Billed annually at $40

Tolls charged as incurred SAVE $10 NOW

$18 Per Additional Vehicle

Billed annually at $18.

Pay-As-You-Go Tolling

Only pay for tolls as you use them

Peasy members pay the cost of the toll plus a transaction charge.
Tolls less than $3 $0.16/toll
Tolls more than $3 $0.33/toll
**Offer details: Introductory subscription discounted $10 off of the standard retail rate of $40. Limited time offer. Subject to change.

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Don’t Keep Peasy a Secret

Let your family and friends in on our little secret. Peasy is the ultimate travel companion. Make someone else’s drive as easy as yours when you share Peasy.