It’s a new month, a new year and a brand-new decade. 🙌 Make the most of it with these tips to save precious time in 2020! 

  1. Learn to say no. We’re starting with the toughest one right off the bat. Many people save hours each week by learning to say no to unimportant, unnecessary, or downright boring tasks.
  2. Delegate everything (within reason). Reserve your time for tasks that absolutely have to be completed by you and you alone, then delegate everything else.
  3. Batch similar tasks. Knocking similar items off your to-do list at once speeds things up and saves time for the more important tasks. Breeze through your expense reports by using Peasy to track all your tolls in one convenient place.
  4. Wake up early. The easiest way to save time is to give yourself more of it by waking up earlier. Move your alarm up 15-minutes at a time, and you’ll quickly find yourself with extra hours in the day.
  5. Set a morning routine. A morning routine will improve your efficiency even when it’s hard to get out of bed. Figure out the pieces you can set on autopilot, like pre-programming your coffee maker.
  6. And an evening routine. Setting an evening routine for you and your kids will minimize the stress of bedtime while helping the whole family wind down at the end of the day.
  7. Stick to the fast lane. Research says the average American commuter spends 42-hours a year in traffic –and people in cities like LA average twice that. Use Peasy to stick to the fast lane and breeze through the tollbooth, with or without a transponder.
  8. Get groceries delivered. Find yourself wandering the grocery store? Order your groceries for delivery to cut down on wasted time (and impulse buys).
  9. Streamline breakfast. Put together a batch of overnight oats or build a frozen fruit smoothie pack in the evening to save valuable time each morning.
  10. Prep your meals. Create a meal plan and stick to it. By batch prepping and freezing your meals each week, you’ll cut out stress and free-up valuable minutes in the day.
  11. Pick-up your things. Make a habit of picking up and putting away your things every night before bed. 10 minutes every weekday will likely save you more than an hour of weekend chores.
  12. Brush your teeth in the shower. This might feel like it’s going too far but hear us out: brushing your teeth during your morning shower frees up more than 12 hours per year, 2-minutes at a time.
  13. Automate your bills. It’s 2020. There’s no reason you should be mailing in your bills, especially your toll payments. Use Peasy to automatically pull tolls from your credit card and save your stamps for birthday cards.
  14. Pick through your mail right away. Opening and/or recycling your mail immediately after bringing it inside will save you from having to waste time sorting a huge pile later.
  15. Optimize your time with Audiobooks. Keep a couple audiobooks loaded on your phone to make the most of the time you typically waste in line for coffee or sitting in a waiting room.
  16. Plan ahead. Use Peasy to reserve your parking spot ahead of time to keep yourself from mindlessly circling the block looking for a spot.
  17. Set timers. It’s just as easy to get lost scrolling through social media as it is cleaning out boxes of old papers. Setting alarms will help keep you on task and cut down on wasted time.
  18. Cut back on TV. Not the most fun way to save time, but how often have you sat down to watch your favorite show and suddenly realized you’re 4 episodes deep?
  19. Make errands count. Map out how to complete all your errands on the same side of town at once. It might feel like you’re taking extra time, but it will save you from having to make duplicate trips back and forth.
  20. Use your vacation time! Taking time for yourself makes you more productive in the long run, saving you time down the line. Why not hit the open road for a long weekend road trip? Use Peasy to breeze through tollbooths, nationwide.

Save time to focus on what matters in 2020 with a tolling and parking solution that you can set and forget. Better yet, with Peasy, you don’t even need a transponder. Set up your account today at