March is Women’s History Month. Celebrate by discovering five women who transformed the automotive industry through their innovation and hard work.

Bertha Benz, The Woman Who Moved the World
Does the name Benz ring a bell? German automotive pioneer Bertha Benz, married to automobile inventor Karl Benz, embarked on the first motorized long-distance journey of 120 miles in 1888. This first-ever road trip took Bertha 12 hours to complete – and will now only take you two hours if you’d like to enjoy this scenic route.

Denise McCluggage, America’s Once-Fastest Woman
Speed was all Denise McCluggage ever needed as a child. So much, in fact, she went on to become the fastest American auto racing driver, in her time – speeding past competitors and stereotypes. Denise continued her success as a journalist at AutoWeek magazine. Fun fact: Did you know Peasy also helps you get on the road faster? Thanks to cash-free, hands-free mobile tolling, you get to use the fast lane every time you drive.

Helene Rother, The First Female Automotive Designer
In 1943, Helene Rother left her war-torn homeland in Europe to join Detroit’s General Motors interior styling staff as the first female automotive designer. Here, she specialized in interior design – specifically, upholstery, fabric, lighting and hardware. After her successful launch at General Motors, Helene began her own female-led design studio and continued to gain success and recognition as a female pioneer in the industry.

Margaret A. Wilcox, Automobile Heater Inventor
If you enjoy a cozy car in the winter and heated seats to help keep your take-out warm on the drive home, you can thank inventor Margaret A. Wilcox. Margaret was one of the first female mechanical engineers and is notable for inventing and patenting the first automobile heater in 1893. Fun fact: she also invented the first combined clothes and dishwasher machine.

Mary Anderson, Windshield Wiper Inventor
Rain, rain, go away. We’ve all heard the saying, and Mary Anderson took it to heart. In 1903, Mary saw the silver lining on a rainy day and invented the first set of windshield wipers for automobiles. She is credited for preventing many car accidents and dedicated her life to empowering women in the world of business.

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