Summer travel is in full swing! Long road trips and vacations means more time spent in the car and more money spent on gas. So we wanted to find out if any of the “gas saving” myths, secrets and hacks are actually true and if any can save you some money.

Myth: Gas Is Cheaper If You Fill up in the Morning
Many drivers believe you can get more bang for your buck by fueling up in the morning because the cooler temperatures cause the gas to thicken, allowing you to get more fuel per gallon pumped. This myth has been debunked by Consumer Reports; gasoline is stored in underground tanks to ensure the temperature will barely fluctuate. So, whether you fill up in the morning or at night, the gas pumped will almost always be the same density.

Secret: Dirty Cars Drive Slower
The next time you hit the road, be sure to make a stop at the car wash. Engineer Tom Wagner Jr. and MythBusters have proven dirty cars are up to 10% less fuel efficient than their clean counterparts because of the drag created by dirt, grime and debris.

Hack: Drive With the Windows Down Instead of Blasting the A/C
A 2004 study by GM and SAE found vehicles turning on air conditioning at a medium power use more fuel than those that drove with the windows down. So, when you can, roll down the windows, enjoy the fresh breeze and save more on gas.

Secret: Off-Brand Gas Stations Is Just as Good
Every gas station has to meet the same legal standards for RVP, ethanol percentage, octane, detergent content and other components. What does this mean for you? Opting for unbranded fuel should not hurt your vehicle. In fact, more often than not unbranded fuel is supplied by major oil companies that supply name brands. The only difference is that name brand fuel has cleaning additives in your fuel.

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