Business travelers know the importance of being prepared whenever the next meeting calls. Discover five tools every road warrior needs to have in their car.

1. Keep Your Cords from Tangling

Staying organized on long road trips not only helps your peace of mind but controls the chaos and after-trip clean up. Avoid scrambling through your bag during red lights and stop signs by organizing your tech with a few binder clips and any bag you have handy. All you’ll need to do is separate all of your cords, making sure you are only bringing the cords you need to charge your current devices. Then, wrap your cords up, one by one, in a figure eight motion and secure with a binder clip. To save time and keep from forgetting which chargers go to which devices, use nail polish to make a small, colorful dot on the corresponding cords and devices.

2. Prepare for the Worst

Emergency car kits are a staple. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or just to the next town over, you never know when a tire will pop or A/C unit will go out. Stay safe by preparing an emergency car kit in a sturdy bin or sealed box. Collect items including flares, jumper cables, tire chains for snow, gloves, rope and a small gas can – in case you get stuck on the road and need to walk to the closest gas station. Lastly, include a gallon of water in your trunk. Should you ever catch yourself stuck in the middle of the desert or find your car overheating, you will be able to take care of yourself and your vehicle.

3. Self-Care for Your Car

Business travelers know important meetings can unexpectedly come up. Stay prepared and be ready at a moment’s notice by preparing a self-care kit to keep in your car. Similar to your emergency car kit, your self-care kit will include essentials you need in the case of an overnight trip. Every person’s kit will be different depending on their needs, but all kits should include basic essentials including a travel toothbrush, toilet paper, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and band aids.

4. Pack an Extra Outfit

There’s nothing worse than being miles away from home and spilling coffee all down your business outfit. Avoid having to walk into a meeting in gas station tank top, or worse, by keeping an extra business outfit in your trunk.

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