Last year, more than 102 million people like you hit the road for year-end travel. Learn how you can make fall break and holiday travel easier, and safer, with Peasy.  

Gift Your Car a Check-up
There’s no reason to be anxious about driving over the river and through the woods when you’re already worried about Grandma’s famous fruitcake. Take a few minutes to run through this quick checklist to make sure your vehicle is ready to go. Before any road trip, it’s always a good idea to: 

  • Test your car battery 
  • Make sure your spare tire and jack are in good condition 
  • Top-off windshield wiper fluid and replace wiper blades as needed 
  • Have roadside assistance phone numbers on hand 

Keep an Eye on the Weather
Winter weather can change in a flash and you never want to be caught by surprise. Checking your go-to app or website when you stop will help you stay ahead of storms and give you time to prepare. If your route will bring you through colder climates, it’s a good idea to keep a set of tire chains and a few warm blankets in the trunk–just in case. 

Always Stay Alert
It’s important to be ready for whatever the road might have in store. While energy drinks or fancy coffees might seem like a great choice, a stash of healthy snacks and drinks will give you sustained energy without the crash or jitters. Set-up a buddy system to ensure the driver isn’t the only awake person in the car, and always feel free to stop for a quick nap as needed. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Scenic Route!
Point A to Point B might get you where you need to go, but it doesn’t leave much time for fun. Schedule breaks along the way to get out of the car, stretch your legs, and see the sights. Picnic at a scenic overlook or take a half-day to explore a national park. Enjoy the journey and feel free to take time to explore along the way.

Holiday travel is taxing enough without the added stress of toll expenses and bills. This year, free up time to focus on what’s important with Peasy, the tolling solution you set and forget. Subscribe today at