What would you do if your car came to life? Check out five vintage horror movie cars that will make you want to hit the gas pedal as fast as you can this Halloween.

  1. Maximum Overdrive (1986) The Green Goblin
    What’s scarier than a possessed semi? A possessed semi brought to life by a rogue comet. With a goblin face, glowing yellow eyes and hidden Jack-in-the-box toys, it doesn’t get much creepier than the Green Goblin Truck.
  2. Christine (1983) – Christine
    Adapted from Steven King’s book of the same name, Christine is a jealous, possessive car with an evil streak. Known for committing murders around town, she is not the car you want behind you during rush hour.
  3. Duel (1971) – Tanker Truck
    Steven Spielberg’s first full-length directional debut is the ultimate road rage movie, featuring a truck driver stalking a terrified motorist through remote winding roads in a Peterbilt 281.
  4. Jeepers Creepers (2001) – Creeper’s Truck
    The Creeper uses this boobytrapped 1941 Chevrolet to transport bodies to his very own “House of Pain” in Jeepers Creepers I and III. The license plate “BEATNGU” (“Be Eating You”) only adds to the spook-factor. 
  5. Blood Car (2007) The Blood Car
    When gas prices hit more than $30/gallon, a kindergarten teacher accidentally invents a car engine that runs on a new, less expensive fuel: blood. This one will stick with you next time you fill up your tank.


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